Marco is a Founding Partner of MAGNUS, he has a solid background for disputes and litigation case including but not limited to Land acquisitions and Property Law, Labor Disputes, Intellectual Property Disputes, Environmental Law, Breach of Contract, Tort, and Criminal Law. He successfully assisted one of the most complex land and agrarian case that involved more than 30 parties for a total of 160.000m2 of disputed land.

He obtained his extensive experience by being an attorney in several law firms and had also acted as an in-house counsel for one of the biggest property companies in Indonesia. He previously acted as Head of Litigation at a renowned Law Firm and was in charge of handling all of the litigation cases in the firm. In 2019, he established MAGNUS and aims to provide a more hands on and comprehensive legal services.

Marco received his Bachelors of Law Degree from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta Indonesia in 2012, specializing in Private law. He is registered as a licensed advocate of Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) and is also a board member of PERADI Tangerang.